Our Unique Approach


At Thomas Wright Asset Management, our approach to financial planning and investing is designed to preserve and grow your wealth. We create customized investment portfolios guided by the following principles:

Investment Discipline

Risk Appropriate

Tax Efficient


focusing on long-term investment returns


Investment Philosophy

For over 30 years, we have consistently applied our philosophy of finding and buying the equity and fixed income securities of high-quality companies with above average earnings growth potential. We believe that, over the long-term, prices of stocks reflect the earnings progress of their companies and that high-quality companies with continued strong earnings growth will produce above average rates of return. Therefore, investors are best served by maintaining an orientation toward quality, focusing on long-term investment returns, and steadfastly adhering to strict investment discipline.



Holistic Investment Advice


Comprehensive Advice

We provide holistic investment advice that encompasses our clients’ total financial picture on a fee-only basis to help achieve their financial goals. Our comprehensive financial and investment plan includes:

Setting Objectives

Portfolio Creation


Active Evaluation


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