Comprehensive Advice

We provide holistic investment advice that encompasses our clients’ total financial picture on a fee-only basis to help achieve their financial goals. Our comprehensive financial and investment plan includes:

Setting Objectives

We work extensively with our clients in an effort to fully understand their priorities and investment objectives We employ a consultative approach in formulating each client’s risk tolerance, return objectives, time horizon, and income needs. We believe this process is critical to the value we provide as an independent investment advisor to keep our clients’ investment portfolios on track, even through periods of market volatility.

Portfolio Creation

We carefully create customized investment portfolios using high-quality equity and fixed income securities to meet our clients’ financial objectives. Each investor has his or her own goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and life circumstances that dictate the unique optimal portfolio asset allocation.

We base our portfolio selections on extensive quantitative and qualitative research. The result is a portfolio tailored to each client that consists of our best predictors of sustainable above-average earnings growth while maintaining a high-quality orientation.


We have a strategic relationship with Fidelity Investments for custody for our clients’ accounts. This relationship provides our clients with the knowledge that their assets are held by a well-known third party custodian that is one of the world’s largest providers of financial services.

Active Evaluation

We continuously work with our clients to ensure their long-term investment plan is on track. We serve as each client’s valued, independent financial advisor and seek input from each individual to assess any changes in his or her risk tolerance, income needs, tax planning, and long-term goals that may affect the composition of the portfolio.

We conduct detailed portfolio and performance reviews, and we strive to keep our clients informed of any issues on the horizon that may impact their investment plan.


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